Where can I find workflows in HubSpot?

You can find the workflows in the HubSpot menu bar "Automation" - "Workflows".

How do I define a trigger property?

The trigger property of the workflow created by PDF CreateMate defines for which contacts PDFs will be generated. There are no limits to the selection of the trigger property. Examples of trigger properties are:

  • Form Submissions
  • The value of a property is "Yes"/"No".
  • The last contact was before a certain date
  • and many more.
How can I test the workflow before adding all contacts?

You can also manually add contacts to a workflow, so you can first generate a PDF for testing purposes.

Can I send the generated PDF files automatically?

You can actually do that, but you need a little trick. Have a look at this video:

If you still have questions, we'll be happy to help you set up the workflows.