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Generate personalized PDFs from Word templates for HubSpot contacts in minutes.


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Easily create personalized PDFs from Word templates

PDF Createmate allows you to upload your own Word templates and use HubSpot contact properties as placeholders. This means you can quickly and easily create customized PDFs that incorporate your own branding and design elements.

Automatically generate PDFs for HubSpot contacts

PDF Createmate makes it easy to automatically generate personalized PDFs for new HubSpot contacts, without any additional setup. Once you configure pre-generated workflow in HubSpot, our tool will automatically generate PDF files for all contacts that are newly added by the trigger.


Let HubSpot Work for You

Our tool integrates seamlessly with HubSpot to create a streamlined workflow that simplifies your entire process. Deliver personalized content to your contacts that resonates with their specific needs and interests.

How does PDF CreateMate work?

1. Add HubSpot properties as placeholders in your Word template

e.g. ${firstname} instead of the first name

2.Upload your template to Createmate

e.g. Study Contract or Certificate

3.Configure triggers in a pre-created workflow

e.g. Status is closed

4. Sit back and let Createmate automatically generate PDFs and sync them to your HubSpot contact records.

e.g. the automated import of contact data into the contract as soon as the deal status is "closed".

It is excellent and very easy to setup / use. I contacted their support prior to setting this up and they were very quick and helpful. Highly recommend this as a solution for other HS users looking for a way to generate custom PDFs for their contacts.

josie crosby
Josie Crosby

Carbon Positive Australia

Simple tool, Simple prices. Of course.

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