Simple Document and PDF generation with HubSpot

Generate personalized documents from word templates for HubSpot contacts, companies, deals and ticket in minutes.


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Watch how PDF CreateMate simplifies document and PDF creation!


Easily create personalized documents from word templates.

Start by adding HubSpot object properties to your document. Then, upload your Word template to PDF CreateMate. Whether you're working in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, we simplify the process, turning your document into a custom document effortlessly.

Supported objects: Contact, Company, Deal, Ticket

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Generate documents for HubSpot Objects

Automate your process with PDF CreateMate. Use workflows to generate documents for HubSpot objects automatically or choose manual control when needed. With straightforward steps, creating documents becomes a breeze.

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Accessing Generated Documents

With PDF CreateMate's seamless HubSpot integration, your generated documents are stored directly within each HubSpot object. This means delivering personalized content becomes effortless, opening a world of possibilities for engaging your contacts, companies, deals and tickets.

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How does PDF CreateMate work?

1. Add HubSpot properties as placeholders in your Word template.

e.g. ${firstname} instead of the first name

2. Upload your template to PDF CreateMate.

e.g. Study Contract or Certificate

3. Trigger document generation manually OR configure triggers in a pre-created workflow.

e.g. Status is closed

4. Sit back and let PDF CreateMate automatically generate documents and sync them to your HubSpot object records.

e.g. the automated import of contact data into the contract as soon as the deal status is "closed".

Listen to our satisfied customers

It is excellent and very easy to setup/use. I contacted their support prior to setting this up and they were very quick and helpful. Highly recommend this as a solution for other HS users looking for a way to generate custom PDFs for their contacts.

Josie Crosby
Josie Crosby

Carbon Positive Australia

Great time saver for us. A very simple use. The documents are then addressed to the contacts very easily using the method provided by PDF CreateMate.

Laurence Willems


Running an employee leasing company for caregivers, PDF CreateMate has been a game-changer for us. Its ability to swiftly pull information and images from our HubSpot contact objects and convert them into professional CVs is impressive. The process is fully automated and incredibly fast, producing personalized CVs in seconds. This level of integration simplifies what used to be a time-consuming task. This efficiency has revolutionized our workflow, allowing us to focus more on our core business while maintaining high-quality standards in our documentation. I highly recommend PDF CreateMate for any business seeking efficient and professional document creation.

Tim Reitz
Tim Reitz

Big Next Step GmbH

Simple tool, Simple prices. Of course.


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